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Finding Your Voice in Good Times and Bad Times.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT of what you want to be remembered for—when you're gone, how do you want people to honour your name?

Many of our faith champions never thought of this. They lived like those who belonged to another realm, and the world wasn't worthy of them. (Hebrews 11:36)

But they were commended for their faith—they found their voices in good times and bad times.

The Narrative

AT A TIME, Bethlehem, which is ironically the place of bread—was dried up with famine, and a man left his home to live in the land of Moab.

He left with his wife and two sons. His name was Elimelech; his wife's name was Naomi—and his sons were Mahlon and Kilion.

But soon after making a life for themselves, the patriarch of the family died.

The two sons married wives—Orpah and Ruth. They lived with their spouses for ten years, and they died too. (Ruth 1:1-3)

Perspective Matters

ONE DAY, Naomi heard that things had improved back home.

She left with her daughters-in-law, and along the way, she told them to return to their families in Moab.

Orpah turned and kissed her mother-in-law goodbye, but Ruth clung unto Naomi and wouldn't let go.

And she said, "Stop pushing me away, insisting that I stop following you! Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God." (Ruth 1:16)

Ruth puts things in the right perspective—she knew there was more to her mother-in-law, and she chose the God of Israel.

If you want to succeed, you must have the right perspective. If you want to have a voice, you must choose God!

Take Ownership

PEOPLE WHO HAVE FOUND their voices are those who took ownership.

Ruth took the initiative to stay with Naomi. She believed that it was her responsibility, and she made it a lifelong commitment.

Nehemiah took ownership of the sins of Israel when he cried out to God for forgiveness. He wept, fasted and prayed, and God hearkened to his voice.

He sought the permission of the king to return and build the walls of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 2:1-7)

The king granted his request.

When you take ownership, you show interest. And your interest indicates your commitment.

Live to Give

RUTH UNDERSTOOD that to heal; she needed people like her—those who know her story. She found one in Naomi and stayed.

"A bell isn't a bell until you ring it. A song isn't a song until you sing it. Love isn't put there to stay. And love isn't love until you give it away," says Coach Wooden.

Ruth began living by giving. She gave Naomi a shoulder to cry on. And blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy. (Matthew 5:7)

You must understand that anything you share with anyone doesn't remain the same—it grows.

And kindness is the button to push when people are hurting.

Take Instructions

AFTER HER HUSBAND'S DEATH, Ruth stayed active and managed her limits.

While Orpah felt the cost was too high, Ruth weathered the storm—she understood that faith would outweigh fear.

And when it did, she found her voice, and her mother-in-law became her greatest ally.

Ruth followed all the instructions that Naomi gave her. She found favour with Boaz. (Ruth 3)

To find your voice, you must be willing to take instructions, and God has many of them.


RUTH was an incredible woman of faith. Her faithful example extends beyond her time.

God moved her from emptiness to greatness.

Finding your voice requires that you walk with God. And now that you have heard this, the action is yours.

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