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God's Love

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

THIS PANDEMIC has shown three things: we are social creatures—we need social interactions and social contacts.

We've had to seek out people we haven't talked to in years—and many of us have become members of various groups on social media.

Regardless of our personalities: introverts or extroverts, we have realized that we need friends, not just superficial friends but those that add value to our lives.

A true friend who loves regardless of the situation, and a real brother who exists to share the tough times. (Proverbs 17:17)

To be a good friend, you need the knowledge to apply.

Practice makes permanence not perfect. Nevertheless, what you repeatedly do, you will do.

NOWADAYS, love has become a trump card. As a result, people fall in and out of love.

You saw her across the hall, and you fell head over heels. 'You fell in love.'

'When I find the right person, everything will fall in place.' We will live happily ever after.

But what happens when things don't fall in place?

If love is so resilient, why is it fickle? But, of course, love isn't inconsistent; it's the way we use the word.

We use the same word for many things, but the word is not the same for all things.


Practice makes permanence not perfect

THE WORD love in Greek has many meanings: familial love, siblings' love, and parents' love.

PARENTS SHOW helicopter love like the chopper hovers over you.

They centre their love around their children and sometimes do not work on their passion for one another. As a result, when their children leave, they have nothing in common.

THEN, THERE'S physical or romantic love which the Greeks call Eros.

Eros is associated with lust. But we have made Eros the foundation of everything; in the process, we destroy everything.

PHILEO is brotherly love—a love of deep friendship. It's where you look for someone to fulfil you.

So in John 21:15-17, when Jesus asked Peter the third time if Peter loved him. He used this word—a love that's companionable and relational.

Paul also admonishes that believers should be devoted to one another in brotherly love. (Rom. 12:10)

AGAPE is unconditional and sacrificial love. It's the love that God extends to us.

It comes from God, and he wants to show everyone, agape love. (1 John 4:8)

It made Jesus Christ die on the cross at Calvary, and he took our place.

Bringing It Together

A CHRISTIAN is a person of compassion, love, and patience.

Suppose I learn to relate this way. Then, my life will reveal Him.

Go out this week, show someone the love of Christ and see what God will do.

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