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Mother With A Difference

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

THE MEASURE of a man or woman is not in what they accomplish but how they deal with their challenges.

They have insight—they see things differently, and the ability to see what many cannot see puts them ahead.

The Narrative

THE SLAVE MASTERS subjected the children of Israel to labour beyond exhaustion, and Pharaoh commanded the midwives, Shirprah and Puah, to kill any male child born to them.

But the midwives respected God more than the king and did not carry out his command.

Under their care, many Hebrew women had more children—and God blessed the midwives.

As a result, Pharaoh made a decree that all newly born Hebrew sons be thrown into the Nile. (Exodus 1:1-20)

Love of a Mother

DURING this challenging time, a Levite couple had a son. When they saw that he was healthy and beautiful, they feared for his safety.

They had seen things change before their eyes, and their son's life was in their hands.

The couple needed strength and determination to do what was necessary to save him. They hoped for a good outcome.

They hid him for three months. When Moses' mum couldn't hide him anymore, she made a basket of papyrus and placed the boy in it.

Then, she put the basket among the reeds along River Nile.

They had done everything humanly possible to save him—and they gave him to God to keep.

The sister, Miriam, stood afar and watched what might happen to him—imagine how she felt knowing that he might be killed.

Do you have a situation where you have done everything possible, and nothing seems to happen? Lay it at the feet of Jesus.

Favour beyond reproach

PHARAOH's DAUGHTER came to have a bath, and the ark caught her attention. When she saw the baby, she had compassion on him.

Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favour as with a shield. (Psalm 5:12)

She knew he was a Hebrew child, yet she favoured him.

Miriam ran to her, asking if she needed a nanny. She consented, and Miriam left to fetch the son's mother.

"Take this child and nurse him for me. I'll pay you," said Pharaoh's daughter. (Exodus 2:9)

The powers of the day wanted him dead, but providence intervened.

The proof of God is when you feel abandoned, someone shows up to lend you a hand.

Do you feel alone? Help is on the way.

God, who made it happen for Moses' mom, will make it happen for you.


The powers of the day wanted him dead, but providence intervened


It's no secret that we are doing less than we ought to.

If you're going to succeed in this life, do not let your desires in Christ take the backseat. Do not settle for less than you're capable of achieving.

When you face dire situations, submit your panic and anxiety to hope and live out your faith.

And knowing who you are and what you're capable of will go a long way.

You must also allow your faith to shape your thoughts and prayers, and they will help you face the unknown.

And never forget that it will take a little to move a mountain when God is in it.


MOSES' PARENTS knew that people do not surmount difficult times by unbelief but resilience and faith in God.

When life throws you a curveball, you must put out your best effort because you cannot sneak on success; you must own it.

Happy Mother's Day.

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