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No Ordinary Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

EVERY BELIEVER in Christ must understand that they live no ordinary lives.

And the Will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you – Bernadette Devline.

The Narrative

THE STORY OF GOD returns to Jacob because he had a special place in God's plan—and God chose his son, Joseph.

While Jacob loved him, his brothers hated him.

And when Joseph shared his dreams, they felt he was destined to rule over them—so they hated him the more.

One day, Jacob sent Joseph to the brothers in the field, and they conspired to kill him.

Oh, here comes the great dreamer. Let's kill him and throw his body into one of the pits. Then, we can tell everyone a wild animal killed and devoured him. We'll see then what becomes of his stupid dreams. (Gen. 37:19-20)

Reuben prevailed on them not to do so. But in his absence, they sold him into slavery.

Grace Abounds

JOSEPH'S SITUATION was dire. There were many uncertainties.

He was among strangers, and he had no help. But God never left his side. On the contrary, in his pain, God gave him grace.

And God can make all grace abound to you. (2 Cor. 9:8)


No matter where affliction ships, it is shaped by God

Prophecies are in part

ALTHOUGH he knew where God was taking him, he did not know how to get there.

He had to trust God to help him navigate life, which God desires of us.

When Potiphar's wife wanted to sleep with him, he said: How could I do such a great thing and sin against God? (Gen. 39:9)

Joseph understood that everything in life was a test, and everything became significant.

When you approach life this way, everything you do becomes vital. And God becomes the centre of all.

Stay in your lane

THE ANALOGY he drew from his circumstances painted the future he wanted.

He obeyed God despite being treated unfairly. Nevertheless, Joseph did not give up hope.

He did not resign himself to just leading the prisoners. Instead, Joseph concerned himself with their well-being. So, when he found two of them looking sad, he asked questions.

He knew that God had a role for him. When he spoke to them, their stance changed from suspicion to interest.

When they told him their dreams, he interpreted them. So the cupbearer will be restored, but the baker will lose his life.

And when the cupbearer was restored, he forgot Joseph. (Gen. 40:23)

Do you feel helpless? Do you feel forgotten? A mother can forget a suckling child, but God can never forget you. (Is. 49:15)

God rules in the affairs of men

AFTER TWO YEARS, Pharaoh had two dreams. And he sent for his counsellors, but no one could interpret them.

Then, the cupbearer said to Pharaoh: Today, I remember my shortcoming.

He told Pharaoh how he and the baker had dreamt in prison—and Joseph had interpreted their dreams.

So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and they brought him quickly.

When Pharaoh told Joseph about the dreams, Joseph replied: I cannot do this, but God will answer your request and relieve your concerns.

God did answer his request. Joseph interpreted the dreams.

And Pharaoh said: Since God has shown all of this to you, I can't imagine anyone wiser and more discerning than you. Therefore, you will be in charge of my household. All of my people will report to you and do as you say. (Gen. 41:39-40)

In the Kingdom, obedience to God is the secret to relevance.

Bringing it Together

GOD'S PATH to greatness does not lead astray. No matter where affliction ships, it is shaped by God.

You may not love what you suffer, but you must love what you defend.

And never forget that your life is not ordinary.

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