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Not a Man

UNTIL WE have a perfect understanding of God, we will treat Him as a man.

But God is not a man—He doesn’t lie. God isn’t the son of a man to want to take back what He’s said, or say something and not follow through, or speak and not act on it. (Num. 23:19)


ANY LONG-LASTING relationship must be founded on trust—the reliance on the integrity of a person.

You trust a chair to hold your weight when you sit on it. Likewise, a cashier expects that transaction will go through when you tap your credit card.

And when we believers cry out to God, we are confident that he hears us. (1 John 5:14)

Trust is what makes us who we are.

THE MESSAGING of each story in the bible is consistent, and it is intended to build trust.

This consistency is evidence of truth—and we can equate God with the truth.

David believed in God as he pursued his enemies to recover all. (1 Sam. 30:8-18)

Paul maintained his trust in God while imprisoned, and Jesus clung to trust while he was on the cross. (Acts 16:16-40; Luke 23:46)

God’s relationship with his people stood the test of time.


AS THE CHILDREN of Israel travelled the plains of Moab—they camped east of the Jordan River.

They had acquired a reputation—their size and strength scared the local population.

And an enemy king had an unusual dialogue with a well-known prophet in the land.

Balak tasked Balaam to curse the people of God—but rather than do this; he repeatedly blessed them. (Num. 23 & 24)

And when he persistently pressured him, Balaam gave him a message from God.

Don’t you know that God is not a man that he should lie, or is he the son of man that he should repent?

He contrasted with man and God.

God had rescued his people from slavery. He told them that he would keep the promise that he made to Abraham.

When Balak stood against them, he tried to stop this plan. As a result, he became an enemy of God.

If God allows his plan to be thwarted by anyone, he will break His promise. (Is. 55:11)

Every adversary of your soul is an enemy of God—and he will not allow such a person to disrupt his plan for your life.

Has he made you a promise? God will keep it. He is not a man that he should lie.

All God wants is for you to trust Him. And when you trust Him, doors will open where there are only walls.

Bringing it Together

THE BIBLE is replete with the stories of people putting their trust in God to overcome their problems.

They believe and acknowledge his word. They believe that he is near.

They believe that God cares. They believe that he will act.

They believe that he is not a man.

Do you believe?

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