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Rise to Greatness

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

IN OUR RISE to greatness, we all have empty spaces we would love to fill.

Questions that beg for answers, things we want God to do and nightmares we love to hide.

Moses had a similar challenge, and he was greatly disturbed.

The In-Between

THE SITUATION of the children of Israel was tough.

Moses knew how the story would end but not the in-between (plan). (Gen. 15:13-17)

Rise to Greatness

What do you know?

THEY KNEW they were in Egypt according to prophecy, but prophecies are in part. (1 Cor. 13:9-12)

God wants to be the rest of your story when you do not know his plan.

SIMEON had a revelation that he would not die before seeing the Messiah. He also had a heightened expectation of what God would do.

He believed God's promise daily as he waited for the manifestation. (Luke 2:25-35)

What you know will determine what you still need to know.

How do you fight your battles?

WHEN MOSES struck the Egyptian, he fought the battle himself. (Exod. 2:11-12)

He did not understand there are battles only God can fight. (2 Chron. 20:17)

What about the process?

TO GOD, the process is as important as the result. God loved the world, and he gave his son. (John 3:16)

When Moses killed the Egyptian, his process was wrong.

DAVID's PLAN to return the Ark of God to Israel was right. But God had given instructions on how the ark was to be moved.

So, when the ark was carried on a cart, the process was wrong. (1 Chron. 13)

When the cart stumbled, Uzzah put his hand to stabilize the ark. God struck him, and he died. (2 Sam. 6:5-15)

The motive and the process must align with God's directive.

Are you concerned?

GOD is concerned, too. (Heb. 4:15-16)

He acknowledges your suffering and delights in your well-being. (Ps. 35:27)

Who is pained by your suffering?

THE SUFFERING pained Moses, but God was touched more by it.

You must never get to the point where you think you feel for people more than God feels about them.

After all, the love that you express was given to you by God. (Romans 5:5)

What do you have?

GOD was gracious to him. But Moses did not know God for himself.

He had proximity but no relationship.

What do you need?

THE BIBLE says: Ask, and you'll receive. Seek, and you'll find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you. (Matt. 7:7)

Many times, we seek a solution, but what we need is a revelation.

Moses was seeking a solution. However, God revealed himself in the burning bush. (Exod. 3:1-17)

God's revelation changes perspective—and gives insight.

WHEN HAGAR was sent away with Ishmael, she walked in the desert, and there was no water to drink.

She couldn't watch her son die. So she left him under some bushes and sobbed. (Gen. 21:8-21)

God saw her plight and sent an angel. Then, God opened her eyes, and she saw a well.

The solution was in her revelation.


We seek a solution, but what we need is a revelation.

Where is God in this?

SINCE GOING to Egypt was God's idea, their leaving will be by God.

If God is the author of your story, then he must be the driver of it.

Let God finish what he started.

Is God silent?

THE FACT that you are not hearing him does not mean he is silent. He wants you to be attentive.

The Widow of Zarephath wasn't the only widow in Israel in her time, but God reached out to her. (1 Kings 17:7-16)

And when God's word was scarce in Israel, he reached out to Samuel. (1 Sam. 3:1-5)

He is always speaking to people who are listening.

Can I go this route alone?

FROM THE MOMENT, you become a believer; you cease to walk alone.

Let his word be a lamp unto your feet, a light unto your path. (Ps. 119:105)

Moses walked alone when he killed the Egyptian. That move set him back for forty years.

Whenever you seek not his counsel, you delay your rise to greatness.

You set yourself up for failure.

Is God there?

MOSES was far from home but not from God.

When you make mistakes, God will not correct them. He will walk around your errors to get you back on track.

What has God promised?

GOD HAD told Abraham that his descendants would be strangers in a foreign land and be there for four hundred years. After that, he would deliver them.

The promise was his to keep. (Numb. 23:19)

What do you do?

WITHOUT the mind of God, you are left with that of men.

Without God revealing himself, Moses wouldn't have known him.

So, God chose him. Likewise, he has chosen you in Christ.

Can you trust God?

A LIFE without the mind of God is a recipe for disaster.

Moses missed God's Will the first time but not the second. He trusted him at the burning bush.

I DO NOT know your situation, but I know that if you trust Him, he will surprise you.

As Moses trusted God, his purpose became obvious, and his life was enlarged.

Do you know God?

GOD LOVED him so much as not to let him stay lost. He offered him redemption.

God is offering you the same today.

He sent his Son to the cross to get you back on track.

All he wants is for you to acknowledge you are a sinner and ask him to forgive you.

Invite Him to be your Lord and Saviour!

If you have taken this bold step, please write me.

Have a great week!

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