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What You Really Need

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

YOU CAN STUDY the scriptures every day and still miss out on God, but you cannot love God and miss out on Him.

The Narrative

A YOUNG RULER knew he wasn’t there yet, so he turned to Jesus for answers.

“Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 18:18)

“Why do you call me good. No one is good—except God,” Jesus replied.

Here We Go

TO ANSWER HIS QUESTION, Jesus wanted to know him more.

You know what the Hebrew Scriptures command: “Do not commit adultery; do not murder; do not steal; do not bear false witness; honour your father and mother.” (Luke 18:20)

I have been doing all these since I was a boy, replied the young man.

The ruler had been studying the scriptures, yet, he felt empty. He had kept the commandments from his youth but knew things weren’t adding up.

You lack one thing

JESUS TOLD HIM what to do.

“Go and sell all you have and give to the poor. Then, you will have treasure in heaven. After, come and follow Me.”

When he heard these words, his heart sank. Just when he thought things were okay, he found out that he missed the mark.

He gave so much attention to Jesus, but his wealth had so much hold on him. He was so rich, yet no fulfilment. And he wasn’t willing to let go.

To sell all that he had didn’t make sense. What will people say?

He could do things that didn’t cost him anything, but he knew that this one would cost him something.


You may know what you want, but God knows what you need


He mused over what to do next, looked up and began to make his way through the crowd.

The public official was so caught up in his present gains that he missed fulfilment for eternity.

Make it count

HE GOT A MOMENT to change his direction but gave it up. The young ruler allowed his treasure to come between him and God.

“And where your treasure is, your heart will also be.” (Matthew 6:21)

But we shouldn’t be quick to point out his mistakes.

Whenever we make a choice, we must consider the future; we must think of the consequence that comes with it.

Are your choices eternity-focused or based on immediate gratification?


JESUS THOUGHT IN MOMENTS—he knew where the prose of life needed punctuation—he knew what the ruler required.

You may know what you want, but God knows what you need.

Anytime you substitute someone or something for God; you miss out on Him. And when next you make a choice, choose wisely!

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