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Behind the Scene

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

WHEN THE WORLD surprises you and things do not go as planned, when your life drops and nothing makes sense—remember that God never abandons His own—He’s always working behind the scene.

The Narrative

THE SEAT OF POWER was in Susa when King Ahasuerus had a state banquet for 180 days.

And while under the influence, he told his eunuchs to bring his wife.

Ahasuerus wanted to show her off, but Queen Vashti refused.

The king became angry. He turned to his counsellors for legal recourse— and banned Vashti from his presence.

When the king’s fury subsided, his servants began a search for beautiful virgins for him.

Path to Greatness

IN THE SAME CITY was a Jew. His name was Mordecai, and he had a cousin called Esther. She was an orphan, and she was beautiful.

Esther, with many other girls, were brought to the palace complex and handed over.

Hegai, the overseer liked Esther; he started her on beauty treatment and put Esther and her maids in the best rooms.

But she didn’t reveal her ethnicity because Mordecai had told her not to. (Esther 1:9-10)

Esther knew the way of the Lord, and she followed the overseer’s instruction.

When Esther appeared before the king, he was more attracted to her than the other girls. And the king made her queen in place of Vashti.

The Gang Up

THE ROYAL OFFICIALS sat at the entrance to the palace. While all of them bowed to Haman, Mordecai wouldn’t.

Faithful to Jewish teachings, he bowed to no man—and reserved his homage for God.

The other nobles spoke to Mordecai daily, thinking that he will change his mind, but he didn‘t.

And when Haman found out, he planned to wipe out all the Jews.

Haman told the king that there were people in his kingdom whose customs were different and who disregarded the king’s laws.

If it is your wish, destroy these people. As a result, a decree was made.

Haman wanted to build his strength on the weakness of the people of God, but he was mistaken.

Something Isn’t Right

WHEN THE DECREE got to Susa, people were confused.

And Mordecai tore his clothes and mourned.

When Esther sent him clothes, he didn’t accept them.

Esther sent her eunuch to Mordecai to find out what happened.

Mordecai told the eunuch about the plot and gave him a copy of the decree.

And when she read it, she wondered what to do, and she found herself at an impasse, so it seemed.

What do I do?

MORDECAI TOLD HER to go before the king and beg for mercy.

But there was a problem; no one appeared before the king without being summoned.

And Mordecai warned her not to think that she will escape, and perhaps she was made for a time like this. (Esther 4:13-14)

While she wondered about the present, he was concerned about the future.

When she heard this message, she realized her why?

Providence had made her a queen, and she cannot escape.


You're accountable for the decisions you make, and the ones you do not make


Her situation put her in a realization—that her being in the palace wasn’t her idea, but divine orchestration.

God was busy working behind the scene.

Esther understood that no man lives unto himself, and no man dies unto himself. So, she called for a fast.

Whenever you face a situation and say, “What if?” Also, remember to consider ‘even if.’

Esther considered both and said, “If I die, I die.” (Esther 4:16)


YES, LIFE may be daunting, but God is always working behind the scene.

When Esther became the queen, she thought that she entered a playground—and soon discovered that it was a battleground—but purpose had been ingrained in her.

If free will indeed exists, then, you will be accountable for the decisions you make, and those you do not make—this is why you must choose wisely.

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