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Purpose: Your Mindset

Updated: May 15, 2022

HISTORY isn't just the story of bad people doing bad things. It's quite as much a story of people trying to do good things. But somehow, something goes wrong – C.S. Lewis.

David felt it was time to bring the ark back to Jerusalem. So, he consulted with his officers and the people.

And the people agreed to this because they felt it was the right thing to do. So, they put God's ark on a new cart celebrating with all their might.

But as it moved through Chidon's threshing floor, something went wrong.

The cart stumbled, and Uzzah reached out to grab it. God was angry, and he killed him. (1 Chron. 13:1-14)

Opportunities might be rich but be careful how you seize them.

THE QUALITY of your life is dependent on the quality of your relationship.

Elisha had a good lifehe walked with God. He was extraordinary. But as his life was coming to an end, he was sick with the illness that would take his life.

Then Joash, the king of Israel, came to see him. And he said, "My father, O my father! The chariots and riders of Israel!" (2 Kings 13:14)

He quoted Elisha's words to Elijah before he ascended.

He knew that the death of Elisha could mean the lifting of God's power. So, he came to seek the mind of God.

He couldn't deny that God's view matters.

Dear friends, let us seek to live that even ungodly men may miss us when we are gone – Charles Spurgeon.

UNTIL YOU realize that God has a perspective in all you do, your life will remain the same.

Then, when you know there's a place waiting for you, your attitude will change.

Peter understood this and said, "At your word." (Luke 5:5)

As there was a place for Joash, there's one for you.

Elisha told him to get a bow and an arrow. Then, he placed his hands over the king's hands and told him to open the window facing the east.

Now launch the arrow as far as you can! (2 Kings 13:17)

Before he shot, he opened the window.

IT WAS the norm to shoot arrows into the enemy's territory in those days. But what he told him to do next was unusual.

He gave him arrows and told him to hit the ground with them.

If you look at the lives of people who encountered God, you'll see that he does surprising things.

Something unexpected may be what you need to expand.

IN JOASH's situation, he shot the arrow. However, we attack with our mouths—men always ought to pray and not faint. (Luke 18:1)

The king hit the ground three times, and the prophet was angry with him.

He said you would have completely ruined the Arameans if you had hit the ground five or six times.

Elisha told him to shoot the arrows, but he did not tell him the number of times.

GOD WILL tell you what to do, but he will not tell you how far you should go.

For example, Elijah told Elisha to make a request—and he asked for a double portion of Elijah's anointing. (2 Kings 2:9) The amount was left to his discretion.

Once, Elisha counselled a widow whose husband owed a lot—and the creditors were coming to take her sons.

He told her not to borrow a few pots and pour from the little that she had.

As she did, the oil flowed but stopped when she ran out of containers. She needed much oil to sell to pay her debt. (2 Kings 4:1-7)

He told her what to do but not the number of pots to borrow.

God will fill the vessel you provide—that includes you!

THE CHILDREN of Israel had reminded God of the promise that he made to Abraham. But when it was time to possess the land, they said they couldn't.

And as they spoke in his ears, he did. (Numb. 14:28) None among them except Joshua and Caleb made the promised land.

We often limit God with the things we ask for in our prayers and block Him with the things we do.

But you must see every moment in life as a chance to please Godand it will be easier to say your prayers when you do.

Each moment is a place you've never been - Mark Strand.

Bringing it Together

IF AN ENCOUNTER with God does not change you, something is wrong.

God's workings are behind the scenes–and his will is beyond the obvious.

Until you live every moment without assuming there will be another moment, you're not living on purpose – Bishop T.D. Jakes.

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